10th June 2016

Here is a selection of the questions we are asked most often

Questions by Councils


How does the Overseas Results Export System™ cost so little compared to other Export Programmes?

The system provides efficiencies by applying a proven standardised model using modern technology. The data needed is input directly by participating companies through a series of online forms which have been developed to both assist and guide.

Can my companies really select ANY export market?

Yes. The only restriction that would effect choice would be sanctions or embargoes imposed against countries with the aim of maintaining or restoring international peace and security.

How quickly can you begin delivery?

We will forward to you a delivery action plan and schedule within 48 hours. We can begin delivery within 2 weeks of the delivery plan being agreed by you.

How do you select companies?

Companies interested in applying are directed towards an online form which acts as both an export audit and automated scoring system. Applications scoring higher than the pre-defined benchmark are automatically approved and allocated a place. 

How many companies can you assist?

Due to our efficient delivery system and lower costs we can deliver export assistance to hundreds of your local companies at a time. 


Questions by Local Companies


What is Overseas Results?

We ask companies to provide a little information about themselves and the benefits and features of the product or service they are selling. We then ask you to tell us about the profile of customer that currently buys from you. Lastly you tell us which country you want to target.

We then have someone within the target market you selected identify up to 12 companies that match the profile of customer who currently buys from you. They call the companies and send information on your product or service. They then ask if they are interested in receiving communication from you directly. We report their responses back to you.

Simple…but then the best ideas often are.

Can anyone apply?

To be eligible you must fulfill ALL of the following;

1. Located within the Council area funding the programme.
2. Sell business to business.
3. Have a product or service that you have sold successfully to at least 3 independent customers.

You can be of any size and from any sector.

Can we meet?

No. Overseas Results has been designed as an online system so that costs are kept to an absolute minimum. We are happy to take questions online.

How do I apply?

Fully complete the online form. Set aside about 10 minutes.

Can you help me pick a target country?

No. You are better placed to pick a target market than anyone. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I have my own sales materials can I upload these?

Absolutely. Just follow the simple instructions in the online form.

I do not have my own sales materials just a website, what do I do?

On the online form where it asks if you have promotional materials to upload select “no”. Additional sections will then appear asking you to list the features and benefits of the product or service you are selling.

Do you assess my product or service and how likely it is to succeed?

No. The customers matching the profile you provide in the target market you select do that. 

How long before I get my report back?

Most reports are ready within 4 weeks. This may be affected based upon the target country you select and if there are major holidays. We will keep you updated.

Do you sell my product or service for me?

No. We can however identify and approach distributors or sales agents in the target market.

Does your person in the target market have “special connections”

Our people in the target market have the advantage of language, cultural understanding, time to do the work needed and being in the same time zone as those being contacted.

They do not have any special connections which will open doors. It is your product/service that will or will not do that.

What are my obligations?

This might seem strange that we need to say this but your key obligation is that if your report details companies that are interested and want to be contacted directly by you…that you actually do make contact with them promptly.

The Council has provided this service to help you to export. This goal is frustrated if you are provided with details of overseas companies interested in your product or service but then do nothing about it or leave follow up too late.

To ensure that funded places are given to those that will make full use of them; your submission of the online form is your acceptance of the following;

By submitting this online form and applying I undertake to make contact with all leads identified in the final report I receive within 14 days of its receipt. I understand that I may be sent a survey after receiving my final report which I must complete.