Features of the Overseas Results Export System™

  • Each company can select any export country in the World they wish
  • Works with companies from all sectors whether selling a product or service
  • Full suite of promotional materials provided which Council can adapt as they wish
  • Online automated export audit and scoring system to speed selection process
  • Graphically designed sales sheets developed for those companies without professional marketing materials
  • All Country projects undertaken by Overseas Results personnel within that Country
  • All companies receive reports with details of all overseas customers and guide on next steps
  • Council receives copies of all company reports


Benefits of the Overseas Results Export System™

  • Minimum Council investment of time
  • Short lead time. Can be delivered when council needs it
  • Low cost
  • Rapid Delivery
  • Generates high demand among local businesses
  • Online delivery model makes it accessible to all
  • Proven system
  • Adaptable to specific council goals
  • Initial language, time zone and cultural barriers removed
  • Overseas customers, identify your next “export stars”
  • Complete and transparent activity for audit

We would welcome the opportunity of talking with you about the Overseas Results Export System™