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electromagnetic furnace


      the electromagnetic oven also known as electromagnetic stove, is a product of modern kitchen revolution, it requires no open flame or heat conduction and let the heat directly in the bottom of the pot, so the thermal efficiency has been greatly improved. kitchenware is an energy efficient, completely different from the traditional all fire or no fire conduction heating kitchen. electromagnetic oven is an electric cooking appliance made of electromagnetic induction heating principle. by the high-frequency induction heating coil (i.e. excitation coil), device, controller and ferromagnetic material bottom cookware and other components of high frequency power conversion.
      the electromagnetic oven has two main parts: a system is able to generate high frequency alternating magnetic field circuit (including induction coils); two is used for fixing the electronic circuit system, and bearing the pot shell structure (including can withstand high temperature and hot blast stove panel).
(1) the electronic circuit system includes: power board, main board, light board (control panel), temperature control, coil panel and thermal support, fan, power cord, etc..
(2) the structural shell comprises a stove panel (porcelain, plastic, black crystal board) under cover;
(3) instruction manual, power sticker, operation film, certificate of qualification, plastic bag, shock proof foam, packing box, bar code, cartoon box.
1, the furnace panel: used to carry the pot, with imports and domestic, domestic a, b has been able to meet the use requirements.
2, high voltage main substrate: constitute the main current loop.
3, low voltage main board: used for computer control function.
4, led circuit board: display working status and delivery operation instructions.
5, the line disk: high frequency alternating current into alternating magnetic field (pan).
6, fan components: cooling auxiliary components (fan), reduce the temperature of the furnace components.
7, igbt: commonly known as the power tube, through the low current signal, control the large current off (igbt).
8, bridge rectifier block: the ac power is converted to dc power supply (bd101).
9, thermal resistance: the heat signal to the control circuit.
10, thermal switch components: induction igbt operating temperature, thereby protecting the igbt due to excessive heat damage.