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variable frequency washing machine


      frequency conversion washing machine is the frequency conversion technology is widely used in washing machines. mainly refers to the main motor of the washing machine for variable frequency drive brushless dc motor.
      inverter washing machine products with energy saving, ultra low noise, variable water flow, high dehydration speed and other features, variable frequency washing machine is the biggest feature in the feature is the silent effect. speed can be adjusted with the weight of the clothing and so on, so as to effectively reduce the noise and vibration. in addition, conversion efficiency of washing machine in the water and electricity is very high. in general, the frequency of the inverter washing machine can improve the energy efficiency of 1/3, noise reduction of 34 db, the degree of cleaning is also significantly improved.
      because of the frequency conversion washing machine with energy saving, ultra low noise, variable water flow, high dehydration speed and other features, will occupy the commanding height of the washing machine drive technology, becoming one of the main technical selling point of high-end products. china's high-end washing machine market in the future will be from the fight to fight the price of science and technology to change."
      now it seems that the short-term inverter washing machine can not replace the ordinary washing machine, the main reason lies in the price factor. on the one hand, due to the frequency of washing machine technology is indeed high, on the other hand washing machine manufacturers also hope that the resulting higher profits. therefore, the inverter washing machine prices remain high, the market share is relatively small.
      the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy guidance will vigorously promote the application of variable frequency drive technology in the washing machine. inverter washing machine brings the energy saving effect is obvious, this effect will be further recognized by consumers. as one of the future technology development direction, frequency conversion technology will drive the entire washing machine industry technology upgrade, is conducive to the upgrading of the washing machine industry.