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inverter air conditioner


      the so-called "variable frequency air conditioning" is a traditional "fixed frequency air-conditioning" compared with the concept of. as is known to all, china's power grid voltage is 220 volts, 50 hz, in this condition, the work of air conditioning is called "fixed frequency air conditioning". because of the power supply frequency can not be changed, the traditional fixed frequency air-conditioning compressor speed is basically unchanged, depending on its constantly ", stop the compressor to adjust the indoor temperature, the opening between the stop is easy to cause the temperature sometimes hot and sometimes cold, and consume more power. and compared with the "inverter air conditioner" inverter to change the frequency of power supply, adjust the speed of the compressor. rely on the speed of the compressor to achieve the purpose of controlling room temperature, room temperature fluctuations, low power consumption, and its comfort greatly improved. while the use of inverter air conditioner frequency conversion control technology, which can automatically select the heating and cooling and dehumidifying operation mode according to the ambient temperature, the room quickly in a short time to reach the required temperature and at low speed and low power consumption state to a smaller temperature fluctuations, to achieve a fast, energy-saving and comfortable temperature control effect.
      the power supply frequency is high, the compressor speed is fast, the air conditioner cooling (heat) quantity is big; and when the power supply frequency is low, the air conditioner refrigeration (heat) quantity is small. this is the so-called "frequency conversion" principle. it is the core of inverter air conditioner inverter, the inverter is a new technique which was published in 1980s, automatically adjust the operating frequency to achieve the motor through the conversion of the current, the fixed 50hz grid frequency to change the frequency of 30 to 130hz, the air conditioning and the completion of a new revolution. at the same time, also make the power supply voltage range of 142v to 270v, completely solve the problems caused by the instability of the grid voltage caused by air conditioners can not work properly. variable frequency air conditioning is used every time, usually let the air conditioning with maximum power, the maximum amount of heat or refrigeration, quickly close to the set temperature. because the variable frequency air conditioner compressor by increasing the operating frequency of the mode increases the heating capacity at low temperature, 1.5 times the maximum heating can reach the same level of the air conditioner, can still maintain a good heating effect under low temperature. in addition, split machine generally only four gear speed can be adjusted, and variable frequency air-conditioner indoor fan to run automatically when the speed varies with the working frequency of the compressor at 12 stall speed range, the ability of the fan speed and air conditioners with more reasonable, achieve quiet operation with low noise. when the air-conditioning high power operation, quickly close to the set temperature, the compressor will run at low speed, low power consumption, only to maintain the required power to maintain the temperature. not only the temperature stability, but also to avoid the attenuation of the life of the compressor caused by frequently open the stop, but also greatly decreased power consumption, to achieve high efficiency and energy saving.